Honey House Naturals - 3 PC Honey Blossom Soap Set

Honey House Naturals - 3 PC Honey Blossom Soap Set
Brand: Honey House Naturals
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Honey Blossom Soap from Honey House Naturals is a high-end, quality soap. Shea Butter, Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis are added to a natural, vegetable base. Then it is triple milled and hand-pressed into beautifully carved bars. After drying, they are hand-wrapped with this gorgeous paper from Italy. Three natural fragrances: Citrus, Lavender and Honey Blossom.

Here is why Honey Blossom Soap is So Good For You!

First they use a vegetable base for their soap, rather than animal fat because it can be less pore-clogging, and frankly, it smells better! Then they add Shea Butter to the base because it is fantastic for moisturizing and softening skin. They add honey (because they love it, of course), but also because it is a natural humectant - meaning it traps moisture into your skin. They also add Royal Jelly and Propolis and Vitamin E because they are full of skin loving nutrients.

They know that the first thing people do with a new bar of soap is hold it up to their nose, right? Try it! Give a bar of soap to someone and see what they do! Fragrance is important, so they chose their soap fragrances very carefully. Crisp Citrus, soothing Lavender or sweet Honey Blossom are all such super fragrances, it is hard to choose a favorite!

Then they mix it all together and mill it three times. When you hear that soap is “triple milled” or “French milled,” it means that all the excess moisture and air is pressed out of it so the end result is a solid, heavy bar of soap that lasts for a long, long time. They use a hand-press to cut and stamp their beautiful design on them, let them dry out, and then each one is hand-wrapped by their wonderful worker bees.

The resulting soap is a work of art that also makes your skin soft and clean. Who knew that something so daily could be so beautiful?

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