Looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning? Feeling like you need a mid-afternoon boost for those long days at the office? EnerTEA is to the rescue!  The blend of the energy-giving goodness of Gynostemma, Ginger and Peppermint to create a cup of vim and vigor that will put a gleam in your eye and a spicy bounce in your step.

Ingredients:  Natural dried lemon - Gynnostemma - Green Matte - Peppermint - Ginger - Lemon grass

To understand how EnerTEA can accomplish all of this, have a look at the blend's components in more detail:

Gynostemma is a leafy plant, a member of the cucumber/gourd family.  Accourding to herbalists, Gynostemma is known variously as miracle grass, herb of immortality and the fairy herb. If that doesn't sound like a plant that's going to give you a boost, we don't know what will. The first recorded use of Gynostemma as an energy enhancing tea occurred during China's Qin Dynasty. The emperor at the time, Quin Shi Huang, drank the tea as part of his daily regimen. He needed it - Quin Shi Huang was responsible for conquering a multitude of independent states and establishing the first unified Chinese empire. (Kinda makes a day at the office feel like no biggie.).

Ginger is widely regarded as a Yang food by Chinese herbalists. Ginger is said to increase the body's heat. Consumed internally, ginger speeds blood circulation and stimulates the body. What's more, ginger's fiery flavor gets the taste buds jumping like nothing else!

Peppermint's ability to get you fired up hardly needs an explanation. Often referred to as the world's oldest medicine, Peppermint has the ability to perk up even the sleepiest of us while delivering high levels of Vitamins C and A.  Peppermint's elevated levels of menthol are responsible for its sweet/hot flavor that can heat up and cool the mouth at the same time.

Together these 3 wonders of the plant world pack quite a punch. So how do they taste all blended up?  In a word: Delicious!  Sweet, with a spicy minty bite. EnerTEA rolls over the palate like a tidal wave, filling the mouth with a pleasant herbal astringency. Put on the kettle, brew yourself a cup and get ready for some action!

Approximately 50g bag

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EnerTEA Loose-leaf Tea - Herbal Tea

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