Pu-erh Tea - Kunming Black

Pu-erh Tea - Kunming Black
Pu-erh Tea - Kunming Black
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357g (12.5 oz) - A defining elemental taste profile.  Pu-erh is highly treasured in China. The older it is, the more expensive.

In China Pu-erh is highly prized for its health properties. It is often consumed during meals as it is felt this tea helps break down fat in the food being consumed and assists in digestion.

How Pu-erh is made:  On the high mountain tea plantations of Yunnan Province in China, the tea pluckers deftly take new 7 da old growth or the top two leaves and a bud. (This is the most succulent part of the tea bush).  Following natural withering the tea is fermented which imparts a strong and robust character to the leaves.  The tea is then dried.  After drying, the tea is piled onto a very large table around which sit about 20 people.  These people hand sort the finished leaf to ensure absolutely no tea leaf that is not at its peak could possibly get into the future puerh and lower the final quality. After sorting, the tea is mounded in a special room, a dusting of moisture is appllied and the tea is covered with gunny sacks for additiona fermentation that takes more than 28 days. It is during this phase that the puerh takes on an earthy and elemental character. In the next stage the tea is steamed once again t make it soft and pliable for the forming stage. About 357 grams of lightly damp tea is specially formed under pressure.  It is then placed on racks and dried during the next  5 - 7 days at 45 degrees Celsius. The internal moisture in the "paddy" continues to ferment adding depth ad body to the already distinctive character.

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