Herbal & Fruit Tea

For centuries, herbs have been consumed for medicinal purposes in every corner of the globe. Subsequently, folk remedies for the treatement of a multitude of ailments abound the world over. Some of these folk remedies may be safe, others may not be. We advise that if any of our dried herbs are to be used for medicinal purposes, a certified health professional be consulted in advance.  Taken in moderation, all of our herbals can be enjoyed at any time. Here's to your health!

As for our Fruit & Herbal Tea - they offer a healthy alternative to sugared sodas, soft drinks and artificially flavored tea-type drinks. Sugar free and natural these teas make delicious, healthy popsicles - packed full of vitamin C.

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Functional Relaxation Tea - RASPBERRY LEMON VERBENA
NEW Functional Teas are here! Relaxation - RASPBERRY LEMON VERBENA Full fresh raspberry notes ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Sleep Tea - LULLABY
Functional sleep Tea - LULLABY - 35g Delicious lemon notes with hings of dried restful herbs. ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Ginger HoneyBush
 Our 2018 NEW Blend of  "Ginger HoneyBush" now has more Ginger!  A caffeine Free Herb..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Hibiscus - 100g
Hibiscus - 100g  For your information: In history every herb and flower has a symbolic mean..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Hibiscus - Herbal Tea - Tigz TEA HUT Creston BC
Medium sized Bag with 50g Hibiscus Herbal Petals - A Caffeine free herb Cup Characteristics: ..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Hibiscus Petals - BULK 500g Creston BC Tea
Bulk 500g package of caffeine free Hibiscus Petals. A lovely deep red infusion similar to grena..
Ex Tax: $24.95
Hip Hop Honey Licorice Tea - Fruit & Herb
Hip Hop Honey Licorice fruit & herbal tea is a beguiling mouth melody for licorice lovers m..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Honeybush Tea - 50g
Honeybush - 50g Caffeine Free Herb Refreshing and cleansing with hints of honey.  The finish..
Ex Tax: $5.75
IZMIR Chai Spice Tea - BULK 500g Bag
From the Ground Bazaar of Istanbul a mild spice chai full of fruit notes Ingredients: Apple ..
Ex Tax: $43.00
Jasmine's Elderberry Blue - Fruit & Herb Tea - 75g
A full flavored, caffeine free Elderberry fruit & herb tea with superb and w..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Based on 1 reviews.
Jasmine's Elderberry Blue Fruit & Herb Tea - 500g BULK
Now available in our 500g (1.1lb) BULK size - The popular, delicious, and caffeine free "ELDERB..
Ex Tax: $43.00
Lavender Rooibos - Premium tea in Creston BC
Exclusive to Tigz Tea Hut - Lavender Rooibos  loose-leaf tea - Caffeine Free - 50g (available i..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Lavender Super Blue (French Select)
Lavender Super Blue (French Select) - Caffeine Free Herb - 100g Cup Characteristics: Mi..
Ex Tax: $12.95
Lemon Mango - 500g BULK Bag Fruit & Herbal Tea
LEMON MANGO - 500g BULK BAG Herb and fruit tea in some circles is considered a new type of tea. ..
Ex Tax: $41.00
Lemon Mango Fruit & Herbal Tea - 250g Re-sealable Bag
LEMON MANGO Fruit & Herbal Tisane - Naturally caffeine free - 250g re-sealable pouches.   ..
Ex Tax: $25.95
Lemon Mango Fruit & Herbal Tea - 75g
LEMON MANGO Fruit & Herbal Tisane - Naturally caffeine free - 75g re-sealable pouches.  Als..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Based on 3 reviews.
Lemongrass - 100g
Lemongrass is a caffeine free herb. A sweet lemon taste profile - often used in teas to impart a ..
Ex Tax: $8.50
Lime Gelato Fruit & Herb Tea - 75g
Celebrate gelato’s rich history by brewing a cup of Lime Gelato herb and fruit tea. A juicy blend of..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Based on 2 reviews.
Linden Flowers - Caffeine Free Herb
Linden Flower - Caffeine Free Herb Sweet lovely hints of cherry & mandarins. Smooth and fruit..
Ex Tax: $9.95
Market Fresh Tea - 75g - Wholesome & Good in Creston BC
Brisk, crisp, sweet and fruity – a juicy mosaic brimming with tart summer fruit, rounded by fall har..
Ex Tax: $7.95
Based on 3 reviews.
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