Decaffeinated Tea

Processed without chemicals, these teas retain all the depth and flavor of their caffeinated counterparts. "Canadian Chemical Free CO2 Process" means that the tea is flushed with CO2 to gently remove caffeine.

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Decaff Earl Grey - Tigz TEA HUT Experience
Luxury Ingredients: CO2 decaffeinated black tea - Cornflower petals - Natural flavors Caffeine: R..
Ex Tax: $8.95
Decaff English Breakfast - Tigz TEA HUT Creston BC
Decaffeinated English Breakfast Ingredients:  CO2 Decaffeinated Black Tea - 50g ..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Decaff Green Sencha - Tigz TEA HUT Creston BC
Decaffeinated Green Sencha Luxury Ingredients include: CO2 Decaffeinated Green Tea - 50g ..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Tea - 24 Teabags in Decorative Tin
Decaff Irish Breakfast Teabags - Superb, full tea taste with delicious malty notes reminiscent of ca..
Ex Tax: $8.25
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