"Tigz TEA HUT Experience"  in Creston, BC. We are excited to be able to bring in some of the best quality teas and accessories there are available. 

Premium luxury teas from around the world.  We have lots of options in packaging including elegant, reusable tea tins, boxes, bags, and even personalization is available for weddings, or company gifts.  Tea GIft Baskets & Gift Sets are also available.

NEW in Creston: Hot or  ICY "Tea to Go" at our permanent location at 1013 Canyon Street - Over 125 types of premium loose tea available!

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Creston Tea & Biscotti from Tigz TEA HUT
Elegant Tea and Biscotti for someone special, comes with two Tigz TEA HUT medium tins - On..
Ex Tax: $44.40
Creston's Calming Blend - Tigz TEA HUT Experience
Introducing: "Creston's Calming Blend" Ingredients: Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender - 30g ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Cucumber Melon Green - Wholesome + Good Tea - 100g
NEW for  2016 Wholesome + Good Tea - CUCUMBER MELON GREEN - 100g Smooth, sweet fresh waterme..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Based on 1 reviews.
Darjeeling Loose Tea - Margaret's Hope
Margaret's Hope Darjeeling Loose Tea - A delicate tending astringent cup with the distinctive ‘Musca..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Darjeeling Tea Strainer
Darjeeling Tea Strainer 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel Add to a Tea Gift Basket and get one for yours..
Ex Tax: $7.50
Decaff Earl Grey - Tigz TEA HUT Experience
Luxury Ingredients: CO2 decaffeinated black tea - Cornflower petals - Natural flavors Caffeine: R..
Ex Tax: $8.95
Decaff English Breakfast - Tigz TEA HUT Creston BC
Decaffeinated English Breakfast Ingredients:  CO2 Decaffeinated Black Tea - 50g ..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Decaff Green Sencha - Tigz TEA HUT Creston BC
Decaffeinated Green Sencha Luxury Ingredients include: CO2 Decaffeinated Green Tea - 50g ..
Ex Tax: $8.25
Deluxe Shanghai Copper Tea or Coffee Press - 2 Cup
Deluxe Shanghai Copper Tea or Coffee Press Pyrex heat proof glass. 18/8 stainless steel chrome pl..
Ex Tax: $52.00
Deluxe Shanghai Copper Tea Press - 6 cup
This Shanghai 6-Cup Copper Tea Press has a beautiful brushed copper frame and lid with black accents..
Ex Tax: $92.00
Dominion 3 cup TEAPOT with Infuser - Orange
"Dominion" single glaze lead-free ceramic 3 cup teapot with infuser.  Makes a lovely start to a..
Ex Tax: $16.95
DOMO Authentic CHAI Stone-ground Latte Tea
DOMO Authentic CHAI stone-ground tea latte - 120g 100% natural/GMO & Gluten Free A seducti..
Ex Tax: $10.95
DOMO Bedtime Tea SWEET DREAMS - Stone ground tea latte
NEW at Tigz TEA HUT - DOMO Stone Ground Teas Over 200 times the antioxidant than regular tea as it'..
Ex Tax: $10.95
DOMO Cold Blaster ELIXO Stone-ground Tea
NEW at Tigz TEA HUT from DOMO (Vancouver BC) - Cold Blaster - ELIXO stone-ground tea - 120g Stone..
Ex Tax: $10.95
Based on 1 reviews.
DOMO Honey Crystals - 227g
DOMO Honey Crystals - Up to 75 servings Domo Honey Crystals have no artificial colours, flavours ..
Ex Tax: $11.95
DOMO London Fog EARL GREY Stone-ground Tea
From Vancouver BC - DOMO London Fog EARL GREY stone ground tea - 100% Natural GMO/Gluten Free - 120g..
Ex Tax: $10.95
DOMO Vanilla MATCHA Stone-Ground Tea Latte
DOMO Vanilla MATCHA stone-ground tea latte DOMO's top selling product - Domo Vanilla Matcha has a..
Ex Tax: $10.95
Double Ginger Zinger - Tigz TEA HUT
Double Ginger Zinger - Ginger...and more ginger.  Fine cut and pieces blended in perfect harmon..
Ex Tax: $7.25
Based on 1 reviews.
DoubleMint Loose Tea - An Original Tigz Blend
Caffeine free / Herbal Pungent cool, double fresh cool mint taste.  A terrific after dinner ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Based on 2 reviews.
Dragon Pearls Green Tea - 40g
Dragon Pearls are a green tea and are made from the top two leaves and the bud of new season growth ..
Ex Tax: $13.95
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