"Tigz TEA HUT Experience"  in Creston, BC. We are excited to be able to bring in some of the best quality teas and accessories there are available. 

Premium luxury teas from around the world.  We have lots of options in packaging including elegant, reusable tea tins, boxes, bags, and even personalization is available for weddings, or company gifts.  Tea GIft Baskets & Gift Sets are also available.

NEW in Creston: Hot or  ICY "Tea to Go" at our permanent location at 1013 Canyon Street - Over 125 types of premium loose tea available!

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Christmas Tea - Box of 10 teabags
Delightfully fresh fruity apple character with delicious cinnamon notes. Make your own Gluwein by ad..
Ex Tax: $3.50
Christmas Tea for You - Clipper Teapot and Tea set
A terrific Christmas gift (or for anytime of year - with the appropriate teas and ribbons).  ..
Ex Tax: $54.50
Christmas Tea Variety Packs - Great Stocking Stuffers!
Nutcracker ~ Christmas Blend ~ Winter Marzipan ~ Holiday Treasure ~ Holiday Winter Spice ~ Frosty's ..
Ex Tax: $3.15
Based on 1 reviews.
Christmas Teas - LOTS of Variety
LOTS of variety in Christmas Tea - 50g size (mints weigh light, but the same size bags are filled to..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Based on 1 reviews.
Chunmee Taipan Superior Green Tea - Creston BC Tea
A premium early spring tea perfect for all day sipping. You will find this cup very smooth and refre..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Cinnamon ChaCha Tea - Tigz TEA HUT Experience
Cinnamon ChaCha is a caffeine free herb with a medium antioxidant level. Ingredients: Rooibos - O..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Cinnamon Twist Loose-leaf Tea - Creston Tea
Cinnamon Twist Tea produces a velvety character.  Taste how the sweet scent of c..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Clipper Tea Pot with Built-in Strainer   3-4 Cup - Creston BC Tea
3-4 cup Clipper Teapot with built-in stainless steel strainer. Available in Mojoti Lime, Yellow..
Ex Tax: $36.00
Clipper Teapot with Build in Strainer - Blue 5-6 Cup
Beautiful Royal Blue "Clipper" Teapot makes a beautiful gift or a start to a terrific tea ..
Ex Tax: $38.00
Clipper Teapot with Built in Strainer - 2 cup Black
2 cup Clipper Teapot w/stainless steel strainer. Single glaze lead-free ceramic ware. ..
Ex Tax: $33.00
Clipper Teapot with Built in Strainer - 5-6 cup White
Beautiful White "Clipper" Teapot makes a beautiful gift or a start to a terrific tea themed gift bas..
Ex Tax: $38.00
Clipper Teapot with Built-in Strainer - 1150ml / 5-6 cup - Black
Black 5-6 cup Clipper Teapot with built-in stainless steel strainer. A beautiful teapot to have f..
Ex Tax: $38.00
Cloud Forest Rainbow White Tea
NEW for 2018 - Cloud Forest Rainbow White Tea Exquisite & exotic with light notes of cocoa, v..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Cochin Masala Chai Box of (12) Tea Bags - Creston Tea
Cochin Masala Chai - Boxes of (12) tea bags available for Gift Baskets as well as loose leaf tea. Gr..
Ex Tax: $4.95
Cochin Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea
December 2013 Tea of the Month is one of the most popular of the Chai teas - Cochin Masala Chai is a..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Coffee or Tea? - Creston BC Premium loose-leaf Tea
Coffee or Tea? Delicious toffee notes from ages Pu-erh balanced with Ethiopian coffee and ke..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Cold Be-Gone - 50g lined Gold Tea Tin
Quality steel tea can with food grade BPA free lining and a unique flavor-capture gar..
Ex Tax: $10.95
Cold Be-Gone Herbal Wellness Tea - Tigz TEA HUT
Hello feeling better! Delicious lemony brightness combined with a sweet winter fruit profile. Light ..
Ex Tax: $7.25
Based on 2 reviews.
Cookie Dough Tea - Flavored Black
Cookie Dough flavored black tea - Remember stealing cookie dough before it was popped into the oven ..
Ex Tax: $5.50
Cranberry Clementine Tea - Tigz TEA HUT in Creston BC
Cranberry Clementine Loose-leaf Tea - medium caffeine level - high antioxidant level - Grade is Oran..
Ex Tax: $5.50
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