"Tigz TEA HUT Experience"  in Creston, BC. We are excited to be able to bring in some of the best quality teas and accessories there are available. 

Premium luxury teas from around the world.  We have lots of options in packaging including elegant, reusable tea tins, boxes, bags, and even personalization is available for weddings, or company gifts.  Tea GIft Baskets & Gift Sets are also available.

NEW in Creston: Hot or  ICY "Tea to Go" at our permanent location at 1013 Canyon Street - Over 125 types of premium loose tea available!

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Floating Water Lily Tea Infuser
Floating Water Lily Tea Infuser - assorted colors - comes with drip cup A fun and useful add-on g..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Florida Orange Rooibos - 50g
Florida Orange Rooibos -  Caffeine Free Herbal Tea - 50g (larger sizes & bulk sizes availab..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Flowering Artisan Tea - 3 Flower Burst - Tigz Tea Hut, Creston BC
An absolutely wonderful alternative to giving flowers - Give the gift of Flowering Tea. Includes 4 ..
Ex Tax: $9.50
Formosa Gunpowder Tea - Creston Tea / Tigz TEA HUT
Formosa Gunpowder Green Tea - 50g Cup Characteristics: A green tea with surprising body and capti..
Ex Tax: $5.50
French Blend Premium Loose-leaf Tea - Tigz TEA HUT
French Blend loose-leaf tea now available! Caffeine / Antioxidant Level: Medium / Medium - 50g ..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Frosty Peppermint Tea
Frosty Peppermint herbal tea is a refreshing cup. Pungent, cool, fresh, menthol, infused leaf is bri..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Frosty Plum Spice Tea - Flavored Black
"Frosty Plum Spice" - Sweet pear and plum notes with a frozen ice wine finish. Ingredients includ..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Frosty's Favorite Blend - HO HO HO Merry Christmas Tea Tin
Frosty's Favorite Tea Blend in one of our custom engraved Christmas Tea Tins - a delightful and tast..
Ex Tax: $15.95
Frosty's Favorite Blend Tea - an original Tigz blend
What an awesome stocking stuffer we have for you! A delicious blend of Peppermint and Spearment T..
Ex Tax: $5.75
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Fruit & Herb Summer Tea Gift Basket
A colorful and refreshing Gift Basket filled with delicious Fruit & Herbal teas that can be enjo..
Ex Tax: $36.95
Fruit & Herb Variety Packs (4) - 25g ea
Mix and Match 4 Fruit & Herb Variety Packs!  Four 25g packs of some of the favorites we use..
Ex Tax: $12.50
Fruit & Herbal Teas & Pepper Jellies
A "planter" style gift basket filled with a variety of 3-50g and 2-25g fruit & herbal teas ..
Ex Tax: $35.75
Fruit and Herbal Tea Gift Basket
Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift Basket - Naturally Caffeine Free Includes six Fruit & H..
Ex Tax: $48.95
Functional Arthritis Tea - HEAD TO TOES
NEW Functional Tea Arthritis Tea - HEAD TO TOES Opens with notes of curry and finishes with li..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Beauty + Skin Tea - GOLDEN GLOW
Functional  Beauty + Skin Tea - GOLDEN GLOW Licorice-like notes from the turmeric with a lig..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Cold & Flu Tea - ZESTY TULSI
NEW Functional TEAS are here!! ZESTY TULSI Cold & Flu Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Ingredients: ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Cold + Flu Tea  - Cranberry Echinacea
Functional Cold + Flu Tea - Cranberry Echinacea caffeine free herb - 40g Refreshing and cleansing..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Detox Tea - CLEANSE & REFRESH
NEW Functional Teas! DETOX - Cleanse & Refresh Pleasant tending fruity cup with a delicious ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Digestion Tea - BELLY BECALM
NEW Functional Teas Digestion - BELLY BECALM Minty notes intertwined with sweet cinnamon on li..
Ex Tax: $6.25
Functional Hair + Nails Tisane - BAMBOO CHAMOMILE
NEW Functional Tea Hair & Nails Tea - BAMBOO CHAMOMILE Baldly herbaceous with a delicious ..
Ex Tax: $6.25
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